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Poster: stbalbach Date: Dec 1, 2009 9:54pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Need help searching

If you want to search metadata only, basic and advanced search are OK. To search full-text, go to, click on advanced search, bottom of page "full text search". Here's a search on "civil war memoir"


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Dec 2, 2009 12:26am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Need help searching

Any chance of contacting civil war historians, or websites, and asking there?

As a search depends on what words the uploader uses on the description page, you might be better off getting the names of authors, whose book (s) might be on the Archive, and searching for those names only.

Check out books by historians on the civil war, even current in print books (your local library)for their list of sources, I find often (But not on the Civil war)that historians mention books, written by people actually there. (NASA stuff, D-Day landings, etc).

Such authors, might also have written full autobiographies, where their role in the Civil war, might be covered in just one chapter, thus if that book is on the IA, its unlikely a search relating to civil war will find it.

if one chapter is all you can find, its better than nothing, and might give you more search ideas.

You could look on Google Books for Civil War, and even if you dont get to view the full book, you still might spot possible names to search for on the IA.

One of my IDs is lateral thinker, which comes from when I was working, I think differently from most people, when problem solving. The most common response I got from my last boss, when I offered a suggestion, "That is not as silly as it sounds" then together based on my idea, we fixed the latest problem.

In short, if you are stuck, approach the problem from another angle.

E.G, Google search, something like > "Civil War" Authors < might get you a list of names.

The trouble with the IA, we are all amateurs, few of us are trained in library cataloguing making searches hard. There might be 100 plus books there, relating to your needs, but their keywords and description dont fit any relevant search.

I think the IA, should allow some volunteers access, so they can review every text on the archive, and ensure the meta data fits the text, so they can be found.

Too many texts, have no useful IA desorption